Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I've Learned This Month

1. The pool is actually not the most horrifying place on the planet. Close though.

2. I am motivated by little green lines. And little orange ones, turns out.

Green on days I trained, orange on the days I studied biochem.
3. Cinnamon and cloves actually taste really good in Latin soup recipes. Not freakishly odd like I anticipated.

4. 1st years like to buy useless textbooks off 2nd years. Mwahahahahahah.

5. I may not drown in the swimming portion of the triathlon in 3 weeks. May not.

6. I may actually pass the USMLE after all, heck, I might even get a respectable grade on it.

7. I suck really bad at medical genetics. As in, 0% on my full length practice exam I wrote on Saturday.

8. With a (fledgling) beard, Tobie looks a bit like a guy who has been working on his first novel for 7 years. One that will have limited sales but will be critically acclaimed.

"I just can't get the ending right..."

9.  Queen almost didn't put "Another One Bites the Dust" on the album, The Game, because they all felt lukewarm about it.

All of us suckers volunteers in the Himalayas reading Mortenson's book.

10. Greg Mortenson is a lying, thieving, conniving, power-tripping, intimidating, swindling, falsifying, Big. Fat. Fake. If you'd like to read to what extent, I recommend Krakauer's essay, Three Cups of Deceit. He gave it a more politically correct title than I would have. Krakauer is classy like that. And a babe (for an old guy).


Headstrong said...

Awesome. And hey, I'm sure you'll do more than respectably (test and triathlon) - and that if Tobie wrote said novel and put a similar picture of himself in the cover, sales would sky rocket. And really?! That is one of my all time favorite songs. Seriously, I had it as the wake up song on my little CD clock radio before it exploded long ago (another bites, the dust, I guess). Hmm. Well, cheers to you.

Albinoblackbear said...

HS--Aw, thanks! I hope so.

Hahah, I will have to tell Tobie about your comment. Everyday we have a lengthy discussion about the beard and if he should keep it or not! :)

Right? I just watched this documentary that was on t.v about Queen and that was one thing I found very interesting! It's been on my running mix for ages...I have to resist the urge to not head-bob on the treadmill...

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hear how you do on the USMLE! It sounds like you're going to rock it. (And who needs medical genetics anyway? My totally unreliable M1 ears hear that it's overrated.)

Also: Totally guilty of buying useless textbooks off of 2nd years. It's like a crack habit I just can't give up...

Good luck!

NPO said...

Poor Tobie :( To be mocked by the one you love.
His look is more like you busted him on one of those guilty pleasure websites.
Last year did you buy any books from 2nd years

Albinoblackbear said...

AP--Hah, yeah maybe on my test day the med gen section will be poorly represented. WIN! =)

I would have bought many many more textbooks if I wasn't conscious of the fact that in 2 years I will someday have to get them back to North America / sell them / leave them on the roadside.

NPO--Hey, he was the one saying he looked like he was on welfare! I thought unpublished author was a step up! Heh.

The look is actually fear and revulsion because he is sitting at my desk which is covered in "disgusting medical shit" as he likes to call it. He was probably working at not fainting when I took the pic. hahaha

No, I didn't buy books of 2nd years. I stupidly bought them all new from amazon! :D

Cartoon Characters said...

omg. Tobie looks like a very younger version of an old friend of mine:


who, btw, is a published author...haha. Good look!

Albinoblackbear said...

Hahah, that is awesome.

Thanks for the link, I'll pass it on.

In about a week I may have to do a montage of the 'stages of beardo' and do a poll or something.

Nothing like having your girlfriend pimp you on her blog! heheheh

Anonymous said...

The stubble looks eccentric and intelligent. He should keep it.

As for the books, I would be careful about throwing them all away right away. you'd be surprised what you find useful once you're in hospital (yes, even pathology books).

Elizabeth Shouldice said...

Ok....now I've been backtracking...there I am...being a sucka. Effin' "Three Cups of Tea".