Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day, May Day...We've Only Got 5 Weeks Left Until Finals!

So I realised that it is now, um, May. Which is a frightening thought for many reasons:

1) exams are fast approaching
2) our exams are cumulative and cover the past 2 years of curriculum
3) did I mention exams are fast approaching
4) Tobie and I will soon be sentenced to 2 years of living on separate continents
5) USMLE is also fast approaching (I just felt an ulcer form when I typed that)
6) I have to figure out where and with whom I am going to live next year as my placement is a good 2 hours from here...and frankly dorm living is starting to get old, just like me. I mean, don't get me wrong, finding vomit in the stairwell from time to time is a nice reminder of what I am missing in the hospital, but in the hospital vomit gets cleaned know, right away.

So, since I am feeling a little nostalgic about my first 2 years of medical school drawing to a close [insert cartwheel and pulled hamstring here] I figured I would start doing some posts about the highlights or day-to-day-lights of the past few months. With photos! Doesn't everyone love seeing other people's photos? Heh. Pictured above is my office desk where I start every day, either with coffee and blog reading, biochemistry videos, yoga, or last minute PBL homework. Granted, that photo was taken during finals last semester, it is usually much cleaner in the old office.

Above is a photo of what greets me when I step out my front door each morning: smiling Ryan (and sometimes Mike but his is the opposite schedule to ours so this photo isn't exactly representative of most mornings). From here we trundle off to school. It should be noted that I took these pics in December, the dead of Irish winter, I know that seems untrue but you can tell because it was one of only a handful of days when Ryan wasn't in shorts.

Above shows the commencement of our daily river crossing.  It is one of my favorite parts to the walk as we often see all forms of animal kingdom from the bridge, including swans, blue herons, salmon jumping, and the odd old Irishman taking a dip.

I'll pause to acknowledge that this could possibly be the most boring collection of photos on a blog  (I get it, knitting patterns are more interesting to look at) but what has fueled this self-indulgent display is that I recently had my blog printed in book format. It was incredible to see the past three years actually bound and tangibly in front of me. But it also made me realise that I have quite a few gaps which I want to fill before I print the next one (my mother wants another 5 copies, of course, heheh). So, for the record I am going to try and flesh out what Year 2 was all about. After all, come June I will no longer be on campus and life is going to change drastically. Goodbye pre-clinical years, hello (theoretical) short white coat. The theoretical white coats aren't vectors for disease like the real ones, so that is what we will be wearing instead.

Approaching the foundation building. Another nice little bridge to cross. Oh you and your bridges, Ireland. 

This is the building where most of our lectures occur. In the basement, in a windowless room with a PC from circa 1997. Better than last year though, the air intake was right outside the front doors resulting in the classroom always reeking like a blues bar. Mmmm, second hand smoke, just what you want to be inhaling as you learn about bronchial carcinoma.

We still have to look both ways (twice) before we cross the street as we're still not exactly sure which direction the cars are coming from. Almost cashed in on my life insurance policy a couple of times here for that reason.

 Mike and Ryan acting 'natural' for my photo essay.

Photo below shows where some of the learning magic happens (suppose I'll need to get a photo from my PBL room before the end too). You'll note the war-bunker design and power-point-of-death on the screen. Doesn't that combo just make you want to sit up and LEARN? Of course the school is in the process of constructing a new medical building that will be all sweetness and light, however, since the construction workers walked off the job a few months ago the actual opening date has been pushed back to...who knows when? Well, long after we're off campus at least. For now we can stare at the concrete outline and feel a twinge of jealousy for those coming after us.

And the apr├Ęs class trip to the cafeteria. This was back in the day when all Canadians didn't immediately scuttle off to dark hovels to work on USMLE review. And naturally when I told Christine this photo was going on the blog she spilled water on herself. Smooth, girl. 

So you've gotten to the end of the first installment of 'ABB gets prematurely nostalgic for her pre-clincal years which so far she has mostly only complained about'. Happy May Day!


Anonymous said...

The Blue Slide of Death is a horrid thing to see in a lecture.

Cook photos!

Headstrong said...

Aww! I felt nostalgic for you. Good luck in the coming days and may even more lovely memories suitable for poetic waxing await you in the coming years!

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

What great inspiration for a blog entry of my own. I have pictures I could take of my walk to school each day for the next 2 more years.

PGYx said...

I love the photo essay! I can completely relate to feeling nostalgic as each stage of medical training nears an end.

I credit the forgivingly hazy lens of retrospect with my undying love for college and medical school. It kicked in for internship some time ago, although I would never ever, not in a million years, want to repeat my intern year.