Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Know You Live In Ireland When...

Hitting the magazine racks this week, hot off the presses: Your Child's First Communion Magazine!

Holy crap!

(It was scary inside; little girls looking like Texan tween beauty contestants, mothers in swooping necklines, and fathers in pants that were tight in all the right places.)


Anonymous said...


It looks like it'd be way more fun to spend 45 minutes ogling over it compared to Cosmo or Goop.

Anonymous said...

... wait, ogling isn't the word I wanted. "Making fun of?"

... I think I wanted a word that meant that.

Long day.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Shouldn't they all be covered in high-visibility safety reflecting tape?

Anonymous said...

@ Apo

Hahahaha. I can just see the headlines:

7 Hot Tips to Drive the Congregation Wild

Take Our Salvation Survey: Dame or Damned

Celeb Confessions: What They REALLY Did With The Wafer

Albinoblackbear said...

AP--Yes, I almost bought it solely for the ogling/mocking purpose. I mean if that isn't the ULTIMATE coffee table magazine, I don't know what is.

Grump--Hahah, I think the diamonds in their tiaras serve the same purpose.

IANH--Hahhahah, YES! Nice one. Well, trust me it was only a hairs breadth away from that.