Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interweb Machine Connection Again

Hello Blog-land.

How I have missed you so.

It has been a wonderful whirlwind, travelling from the vibrant Gatineau area to the familiar prairies of Alberta. Too short of a holiday with Tobie and too many people to see out West. I had to compromise for quality not quantity.

Now I am in my new digs in Northern BC. Staring at the ocean from my wood and brick bungalow, decorated with circa 1970's teal couches and ivory appliances.

My luggage, however, is in Nanaimo, BC.

I realized that things were not good when I was waiting for my connecting flight out of Vancouver and noticed my baggage tags were marked with the wrong last name to the wrong destination. The initial flight customer service agent threw out my bag tags and told me there was no record of my luggage in the system and that there was nothing he could do.

Um. No. Unacceptable.

I had to politely ask him to remove my bag tags from the garbage and return them to me. Thankfully a competent agent came to my rescue and actually made phone calls and tacked away on his keyboard for a while.

Apparently the bags are going to arrive this evening, fingers crossed. My first shift back in the ED wearing scrubs and heels would have been interesting.

Now I must forage for food, nap, and hope that my belongings arrive*.

A bald eagle just flew past my window. Actually. God I love this province.

*Update: Everything has arrived, intact and unmolested. The lady is pleased.


Bostonian in NY said...

HOORAY...good to hear you're back in your natural habitat

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yup. That whole Alaska/BC (or BC/Alaska if you prefer) area is stunning. I love it.

Liana said...

Air Canada? Air Canada, right?

Albinoblackbear said...

BINY--Sigh. Good to be back!

Grump--Did you get Hyderized on your trip? :-)
BC comes before Alaska so it is "BC/Alaska". Ahem.

Liana--How. Did. You. Guess?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

No, never been to Hyder, for better or worse. But still love the area.

Anonymous said...

After an ice delay caused me to miss my connecting flight, my bags didn't make the last leg of the rebooked journey (the flight left too soon). They arrived the next afternoon, intact, which made me very happy. However, my sister
and her hubby had arrived in the morning, so we ended up making two trips to the airport that day.

I bought my mom coffee as a thank you.

Beach Bum said...

I once lost my luggage flying inter-island in the Caribbean, at an airport so small I saw my backpack being loaded onto the luggage cart, and walked past it to the tiny plane. It took three days to turn up again, and this was a 30 minute flight from Statia to St. Maarten that happened several times every day.

I can imagine your righteous wrath when faced with the moronic customer care person. It makes me smile.

Keet said...

I hope they gave you a free flight voucher, or that you had booked the flight on your Infinite credit card and cashed in on the luggage delay insurance. There are perks to inconvenience if you have the right insurance.
I once got $1500 off westjet for losing my luggage on the way to my grandfathers funeral. The bad part, delivering the eulogy in jeans and a t-shirt i'd worn on my flight from Toronto. That said, I got my suit and all my stuff back 3 months later, AND the $1500.
Last flight home as well, my luggage was 15 hours later than me, and i got $600.00 for my inconvenience.
work it!
Glad you're home. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had some nice visitation time ABB! Have fun at work!

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