Monday, March 17, 2014


Today I started my 3 month rural 'family medicine' rotation. It is in a northern community which has a hospital and clinic run by advanced scope GP-anesthetist and GP-surgeons. Needless to say I am both excited and intrigued to see how this all goes. It could potentially be a community I could see myself living in. If, I am capable of completely eschewing hot yoga, dining out, drinking coffee in quaint locals, retail therapy, exotic ingredients and mountain gazing. Hmmm. Being in the hospital and clinic I am in a little bubble of "this is SO great!" until I step outside. It's a big sacrifice at the end of the day. Kick ass job in Armpitville or the opposite alternative.

While I was packing for the move I had flashbacks to all those times I would go on northern nursing contracts. Packing bedding, knives, high-quality snacks, books, towels, candles, textbooks, stacks of Yogi tea and feeling the mix of anticipation and dread at leaving whatever cozy digs I had. Hoping that my roommate and apartment wouldn't be too nuts and too ghetto, respectively.

My roommate here is fantastic. Our eyes are definitely aligned but the digs...oh the digs. A former elementary school turned into an apartment building. It means the echos of feral children and their meltdowns infiltrate as obtrusively as the constant supply of cigarette smoke. And I have to think, before medical school I had a cute little house in the mountains and an RRSP in the I have...this. 

Well at least I am back in the work bubble in not too many hours.



Michael said...

Northern isolation is why God gave us good beer and bad TV.

peace said...

Hehe loved the armpitville. Is this part of your internship?

Albinoblackbear said...

@Michael-Heh. Yep.
@Peace-Yeah we do 3 months rural rotation in 1st year residency then 22 weeks in 2nd year.

Ó'Cuinn said...

So glad you are blogging again!