Monday, April 23, 2012

Then that happened.

I started writing this upbeat little post about my trip to London this weekend.

Then I lost my purse in the Stanstead airport on my way home.

Contents included:
-wallet (Canadian drivers license, visa, bank card, immigration card, rent money, school ID card)
-book (which I was enjoying immensely and had to order off Amazon)
-ipod (gift from AMG circa 2006)
-pens (you know, the really nice ones I order from Japan!!)
-ipod shuffle + ear buds
-car keys / house keys
-makeup (!!!!)
-birth certificate
-social insurance card
-the purse which was my birthday present to self last year (I never find purses that I both like and can afford)
-the actual wallet (which was a beautiful souvenir of a girlie weekend in Vermont)

On paper it is all easily replaceable, but when you live in one country and bank / drive / file taxes in another things get a little complicated. Also, losing a few hundred euro is never pleasant, on top of not being able to afford to replace the things that were lost.

I didn't have a meltdown (does that mean I am becoming more zen or that I am dead inside??) April, you have been a shit month. I am expecting things to look up soon (yes I am looking at you, May). Oh wait, finals and moving again are in May. OK, fair enough. June then. JUNE!! WORK WITH ME!

Now I am waiting for my housemate to get off work so he can rescue me (yes, my car is here but my keys, ticket, and method of car park payment are not).

The funny thing is, despite all the headaches that the lost cards are going to cause, the thing I am most annoyed by right now is that I cannot read my book!!! It's so good!!! It's not on kindle!!!!*

I hope whomever it was that decided to lift my purse from the security line is an avid reader who likes money and MAC makeup. You're welcome.

*I have already re-ordered the book on Amazon but had to get it used and it's going to take 10-14 days! [shakes fist at sky]


OMDG said...

Ugh. That sucks. I hope you get a replacement copy of your book (and everything else also) soon.

Red Stethoscope said...

Oh my goodness. I'm irate on your behalf! That doesn't sound like a small list on paper at all. I gasped out loud before I was finished reading. I will send you a virtual hug, and the promise that what goes around comes around! So! Good things also HAVE to come around soon for you too. I'm rooting for June too!

Justin said...

Blah, that's terrible!! So sorry to hear about all this :/ I dont really have a soare iPod sitting around, but I could send you a few Hi-Tec-C pens if you want; I bought several (if several = a two-year supply) after your recommendation a while back, so I sort of owe you for turning me on to them...

Justin said...

Crap, typing on an iPad isn't the greatest. That was supposed to be a "spare" iPod...

Liana said...

:( Sorry to hear that.

Katherine said...

Agh, so sorry to hear about this latest turn of bad luck. I love your spirit through all of this! Sending well wishes your way. And as others have said, it's wonderful to hear from you even through all of these recent troubles.

Allison said...

You're so much calmer than I would be! I can't believe all those important documents are gone. (I would be most upset about my book and make up though.) I hope they don't give you a hard time replacing them.

Robin Cole said...

Sorry to be a strange, out-of-the-dust face flying towards you on the internet after googling, "Attending Irish med schools - good idea or not?" But when I read that your pens from Japan were lost, I immediately looked to my Hi-Tec-C4s in my desk mug. Best pens in the world!