Thursday, April 22, 2010

Different Type of "Crack"

In Irish, "craic" is pronounced "crack" and it means "fun".

It's also a standard greeting, as in, "Hiya ABB, how's the crack?"

It's a gauge of enjoyment, "Ahh, it was a night of savage* crack!"

And a compliment, "Oh, yah she's good crack!"

It takes a little getting used to when people ask if you want to come over for some "good crack" but I feel it slipping into my lexicon and I fear for my return to Canada and inevitable slip when I ask a colleague if they had any crack over the weekend!

* "Savage" means great. 


E. Greene said...

When I saw your title, I thought this post was going to be about the other OTHER crack! You know, the amazing quantity of butts that are revealed due to the flappy nature of hospital gowns.

I love those language idiosyncrasies between countries. One of my favorites is snogging (kissing) in England.

Albinoblackbear said...

Heh, you could definitely call a hospital a "crack house" if you were referring to derrières!

Oh yes, snogging. See, I've always got to be careful here as many words have *very* different meanings than in Canada.

I am making a post listing all my new Irish words soon, so I don't want to give them all away just yet. ;)

GENOVEZ said...

crack....hahaha.. that meaning sounds weird ...

Grumpy, M.D. said...

You crack me up!

btb369 said...

Im American,my hubby is from Galway so i got used to "any craic"? on the first date. There is also gobshite, arse, Feck instead of you know what. As well as the various terms for gypies; tinkers,pikies, knackers, etc. My fav instead of dont worry bout it.. "dont pass a heed in it."
btb rn

OMDG said...

I too thought at first you were referring to plumber butt.

Keet said...

I of course thought you were referring to freebase cocaine. Nice.

And my favourite anglo/aussie misnomer is fanny.... as in fannypack.

I don't think anyone in north america would intentionally name a product the vulva-bag. But that is what it amounts to in england/australia. Imagine my embarrassment when teasing someone about their 'fannypack', only to have everyone correct me... it was a 'bum-bag'.

Yay for diversity! Crack on then!

Maha said...

"It was a night of savage crack"

Now I know what to say when I get asked how I spent my days off!

Josiah O. Morris said...

Hahaha, the "night of savage crack" got me, as well. Excellent!

Pvt Jack said...

Love the photo. I learned the lingo when I was in Ireland for the second time. One of my favorite T-shirts I acqured is from Sean's Pub in Athlone with the saying on the back "Caint ceol agus craic at Ireland's oldest inn"

Anonymous said...

Is that the craic house gift shop in dingle co Kerry in the picture? If it is I know the owner he is from Birmingham England and an Aston villa fanatic for his troubles.
Nigel Kennedy the violinist is a friend of his and visits dingle regularly.
Pog mo thoin is another quaint Irish expression go on google it!
Here is a temer ceramic memento from Ireland