Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quotables from Today's Classroom Adventures

In the mind-numbing 6 hours of lecture today on such topics as fulminant liver failure, biochem, narcotic abusing colleagues, and the kidney...a few snippets of lecture really stood out of the rest.

For example, the comparison of the kidney's microtubular cells and microvilli to the X Factors 'Jedward' twins. Also making note of their 'tight junctions' what with them being twins and all.

The discussion of the positive "doggy style" sign which is when a patients hepatic encephalopathy has gotten to at least a stage 3 causing them to get on all fours on the bed (and then rip out their central line and start waving it around like a lasso--OUCH)!

And how ionic bonds are basically like two desperate people speed dating. One ion is desperately needy and the other is desperately wanting to give. They form a strong bond due to their mutual dysfunction.



Keet said...

I'm not sure I would compare ionic bonds to speed dating, but I can see how encephalopathy can resemble 'doggy style', if by 'doggy style' you're referring to Snoop Dog's lyrical meanderings.
Can we catch up in person soon. I'm on the cusp of deportation.

OMDG said...

Med School in Ireland sounds much more interesting than med school in the US.

So, are you an Tobie covalently bonded? Double bonded?

Anonymous said...

It is now my mission in life to find a way to casually insert "The Doggy Style Sign" into conversion with some unsuspecting MD. 'Oh what you don't know what the Doggy Style Sign is?? Well it goes something like this...' This is going to be good.

(Wait, would that be considered pimping? On second thought better be sure and use it on somebody at work...)

Bostonian in NY said...

Holy crap...if my lectures were entertaining, I would have gone.

Albinoblackbear said...

Keet--I don't believe this intensivist knew of Snoop's prose when he mentioned doggy style, or why the class found it as funny as we did.

Yes let's talk soon. I'll skype you tonight. If you need a place to lay low for a while you can always come over to the Republic and sleep on my floor.

OMDG--Heheh, well currently I would say we are covalently bonded...but hopefully soon there will be some bonding with platinum as well. :)

Ninja--I think the only appropriate way to use the term 'doggy style' is to pimp someone with it.

Consider it the new Glasgow Coma Scale--the Dublin Doggy Style Scale. I feel a paper in the works...

BINY--Yeah I am always in search of more blog fodder, so it keeps me attending. My flatmate actually said to me after "as soon as he said 'doggy style' I knew there'd be a post in the works". I am nothing, if not predictable.

EMT GFP said...

I love the iconic bond/speed dating analogy, in an odd way, its really accurate.