Sunday, June 5, 2011

Must Be Finals...

Yesterday on the way to practice OSCE* crap, I started driving in the opposite direction of my study buddy's house (a drive that I could literally do with my eyes closed, I've done it so many times).

I picked up my deodorant and toothbrush and was 1 inch away from putting the former on the latter to brush my teeth before I realized what I was doing.

And in new grandiose feats of procrastination: I did a tray of home made pita chips, vacuumed the ceiling**, and read up on the Moken Sea Gypsies of Thailand.

Must be finals
Must be finals
Must be fiiii--iiii--nnn--aalllssssss
[Sung to the tune of "Must be Santa".]

*OSCE's are "Objective Structured Clinical Exams" pffft. Too bad they are the farthest thing from it.
**I wish that was an exaggeration. 


NPO said...

Vacuuming the ceiling, I have yet to do that in my procrastination routine.
However, you forgot one of my favorites, that is reading, posting and responding to blogs. I have a PowerPoint presentation due in two days.

b_ra said...

For my procrastination routine I have added reorganizing my closet and also separating my fat hilighters from my skinny hilighters and putting them in sandwich bags. I have blocks next week...eek! And yes, reading and posting on blogs!

Keet said...

Exam on Tuesday... went camping to play in a softball tournament and drank enough alcohol to permanently damage any kind of memory i ever had.

Why do we do these things?

P.s. I vacuumed the ceiling when I was writing my last assignment. I was too ashamed to tell anyone. Thank you for liberating me! There were dust webs, I swear!!!

Beach Bum said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. I can happily say I have never vacuumed the ceiling, but I recognized myself in your post...courage!

Anonymous said...

Definitely lots of cleaning always during finals and this year, I started in with the cooking. I ate really well.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

"Gee, your teeth are dry! And your armpits are minty fresh"!"

Anonymous said...

"It's fi-nals, fi-nals, gotta get down for fi-nals.. everybody's lookin' forward to the summer!"

.. yep, I'm gonna have to apologize for that one. EARWORM.

Nicole said...

bah, OSCEs! What horrible memories. I hope you survive.