Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pre-Race Terror

So...tomorrow is my first triathlon and I must admit, I am going through waves of nausea, excitement, and pure fear right now. This morning four of my nieces and nephews were in the kids race which proved to be highly entertaining. The first group were the 5 and 6 year hilariously awesome I almost had a maternal urge! Half the time they'd come out of the pool and forget that they were supposed to be running to the bike zone. Like this little gang pictured below, they were sort of sauntering and having a chat until some of the parents starting hollering, "RUN!!" which is when they picked it up a notch.
Oh right! We're in a race!
My niece, Rachie, actually won the girls, my nephew Aidan came second for the boys, with Luc and Taylor also in the top ten. Pretty amazing.

Rachie coming out of the swim--it was cold at 0900h this morning!!

Aidan, just one giant fast twitch muscle.

Rachie nearing the finish line. Probably thinking about Justin Bieber.

Aidan looking prepared for combat and finishing the ride.

Luc (my Godson whose birth I attended--making me feel very old) is the football player of the family.

Taylor finishing the run.

Taylor looking frighteningly like a mini-me of my brother!

Random child who wandered onto the course when his older sister started approaching the end of the race. She just started laughing, picked him up and ran across the finish line with him. TOO CUTE!!

Aww...what can I say? I am a proud Auntie!!
The scary part was seeing all the totally ripped parents along the sidelines--where did all these uber-fits come from?? I felt like the fat kid at summer camp who developed a sinking suspicion that I will get my ass handed to me tomorrow. I know, I is supposed to be fun--which, er, I hope it is fun and not humiliating!!!

I must say though, the kids were totally inspiring. When I was that age I was a total butter-ball whose main activities included watching satellite t.v and hiding my fathers cigarettes so I could sell them to the junior high kids at school. Seeing how athleticism is already such a central part of their lives is so wonderful (though it makes me a little sad that I didn't get into sports until later).

Also, did I mention that I was tricked into this race? My brother in law called me up and said that all my siblings/their spouses were doing the race, so I should do it as well. I reluctantly agreed and then when I came home last week I found out they are all in teams!! I am the only one doing the whole thing...ok, ok, I will stop whining now and get back to my studying.

Well at least tomorrow I will be able to make a line on my bucket list! Wish me luck!!


ruthkidd said...

Good luck! I did my first tri at age 55 and I did not die in the swimming portion! After I realized that, I knew I'd finish, which was my only goal. I'm very much a middle of the pack triathlete, but that's OK with me. Hearing, "Congratulations, you are a triathlete" at the end made it all worth while. I've finished 6 all together and those 6 days are among the best in my life! Have fun!

Albinoblackbear said...

Thanks Ruth! That is very inspiring, and exactly what I needed to hear.

It is so great that you started doing them at 55--and I thought I was brave starting something new at 31!


OMDG said...

Good luck ABB!

I loved the pictures of your niece running to the bike area shivering. So adorable!

You MUST post an update on how it went. You're going to feel so awesome when it's done!

SuFu PhD said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aiden has a nicer bike than me :(

Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how it goes!