Saturday, June 4, 2011

Medical Gods Give Me Strength (and a photographic memory, please)

When I get really whiny about how hard it is to try and remember 2 years worth of curriculum I try to remind myself of the fact that it is a priveledge to study medicine. Really, it is. I know that there are hundreds (thousands?) of people that would gladly trade places with me this instant if it were possible.

This normally gets me re-motivated to try and remember things like the stages of herpes infections.

Not today. Partly because my exams for school start in 3 days and partially because I still have forty three more groundhog days of picking my clothes up off the floor and padding into an office at 0630h, only to emerge for feedings and the odd burst of exercise, then collapsing back into bed at midnight. Wicked pisser summer, hey??! Yep.

I chose this. I chose this! I chose this?!?


Just as I was writing the last sentence, Tobie returned from the Farmer's Market with gifts for me!! Ok, before you all start going "awwwww" I will point out that as he was leaving I asked him to please get me some presents because I was losing the will and that I would reimburse him for any expenses said presents would incur. And so, I am now the proud owner of the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus cutting board!! Yippeeeeee!

The way to this girl's heart is through kitchen gadgets.
He also got me my favorite (though normally banned from consumption due to the fact that it is pretty much PURE BUTTER AND ALMOND) croissant from the bakery, and some organic kale from our favorite local Herb Man*. So that got me through the evening. He's pretty sweet alright and wouldn't let me pay him for the gifts after all. I think I must be getting hard to live with these days because last night I was tormenting him about something to which he said, "don't you have to go and memorize a bacteria or something??"

Yes, yes I do.

Back to it!!

*No the end of that sentence is not a euphemism for other green leafy substances...I need every brain cell I've got at this stage of the game.  


PGYx said...

Do I understand correctly that you plan to study every day for the next 43 days from 6:30 a.m. to midnight? If so, that is too grueling a schedule for your body and brain to maintain! At the very least I suggest you allow yourself 8 hours of sleep each night. Rest will help your to synthesize what you learn, make way for new understanding, and prevent too much of it from running together into a muddled mess.

I also highly recommend regularly shifting between study modes/tasks to keep your brain in active learning mode.

Nature Nerd said...

Oh this is a good reminder of how much I disliked writing up my thesis last summer. It's almost easier being preggers. Almost. I think.

Albinoblackbear said...

PGYx--Oh yes, no I suppose it is only the sched I need to maintain until my school exams are done (in 6 days--eeek!!)

You're absolutely right, I probably will only do about 8-10h a day, 6 days a week once I am back in Canada...that will be 4 weeks prior to my exam by then.

That should be manageable and not too much to prevent the muddled mess--I hope!?

NN--Surely it *must* be easier to be preggers! Your body knows how to be pregnant but your brain needs to be constantly kicked into high gear to write a thesis!

The hard part comes later, I think. ;) Ohhhh I WISH I was going to be around for the arrival of Little Bean!!

Nature Nerd said...

Ok, you're right. I'd rather be preggers than writing the thesis. Except in the 1st trimester exhaustion/nausea/grumpiness phase. But I'd definitely rather study than be preggers, but I'm one of those annoying people that doesn't mind exams or revision. Especially when it meant wandering around the botanic gardens taking photos of flowers.
Sure you can't make it to Revy for August? It would be soooo awesome to have you around!g

Albinoblackbear said...

Oh I wish a thousand times over that I COULD be in Revy this summer for so many reasons!! :(

Unfortunately our school believes in giving us virtually no time off so I am writing the USMLE in Edmonton on July 18th, saying goodbye to Tobes on 26th, and starting my surgical rotation on Aug 2nd.

Kara is also due mid-Aug! So I am really missing out on some MAJOR Friend-Auntie moments this summer.

Speaking of which....did Anna have hers??

PGYx said...

Your school's philosophy may be rooted in the dreary fact that you will never again be permitted to take a month off to vacation in Bhutan/Costa Rica/New Zealand unless you do it between jobs. I plan to somehow find a way around this but don't have a plan just yet.

I'm ready for a long vacation, but instead I'm going to move and start my second year of residency. Fail!