Monday, June 7, 2010

Brain Empty, Yet Full?

I have been staring at this blank box for a few minutes now. My brain feels completely empty, yet full beyond capacity at this point. My first exam is a week from today and I am finished on Thursday.

Sweet Thursday.

The cupboards and fridge are as stocked as they can be--remember there are four of us sharing a bar fridge (actually).

I have almost finished reviewing all of the anatomy notes and now have a pile of PBL to start going though. 33 some odd cases that I need to cram in (the PBL cases are where all of our physiology, histology, biochem, pathology, pharmacology is derived from).

It's funny to watch our brains become warped as the studying gets more intense. For example, fits of hysterical laughter is not uncommon (at what would be considered bland stimulus in the past). Also the loss of names and facts not pertaining to medicine are gone...street names, what city your layover is in, phone numbers. Now the minutiae is in there and I've lost the ability to remember things like...well I can't remember because that information has been deleted or pushed to the area in my brain responsible for playing piano or something and I can't access the files. 

In an attempt to keep my sanity I am cooking proper dinners and exercising almost everyday, getting about 6-7h of sleep per night, and staying away from people who stress me out...I can now justify this behavior scientifically with the the whole mirror neuron phenomenon (thanks Rob!)

It's finally raining outside which is a nice change from the constant heat and blue bird the past 2 weeks.

The countdown is on people. It's on.


Josiah O. Morris said...

*Cheers from the sidelines*

Grumpy, M.D. said...

One more week, hang in there.

OMDG said...

Good luck! Staying away from people who stress you out is a commendable activity. I recommend it year round! As much as it is possible, anyway.....

Liana said...

Good luck!

Bostonian in NY said...

good luck!

Albinoblackbear said...

Thanks for the wishes y'all!

Mucho appreciated! :)