Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's My Party and I'll get Cellulitis if I Want To

If you've been reading this blog for more than 2 months then you probably know that I am usually a very casual dresser. In fact I have almost zero fashion sense and if left to my own devices I'd probably live in the sweat pants I bought in 2003, the zip hoodie from approximately the same year, and clogs.

The hospital has forced me to significantly lift my game in the wardrobe department and it has actually been enjoyable dressing like a demi-lady-doc (yes, I am implying that I am only a demi-lady and a demi-doc). The major downside has been footwear. Oh the footwear.

I wore heels the first week which caused some small blisters (I might add that these were well made and not cheap Campers that have rubber soles which means I don't have the annoying clickity-clack of heels in the long hospital corridors). The second week I thought I'd try flats (again, not the 20 Euro ones you can basically buy at a petrol station). These completely excoriated my feet into 'heel hamburgers' so I switched back to the heels. Yes, there is a reason I have devoted an entire paragraph to what shoes I have been wearing this month. 

On Sunday, Kris and I went on a hike and I went prepared with moleskin and band-aids since my heels were still recovering and I was breaking in new boots. Only a tiny new hotspot appeared.

Until yesterday.

I was sitting in a videoconference and feeling these shooting pains up my leg. Ok, not exactly a new sensation in the past two weeks so I ignored it. The pain seemed to be intensifying though as the conference dragged on so during the break I decided to inspect my ankle which felt that it had been both assaulted with a baseball bat and sunburned.

Well that explains it.

So I showed it to my fellow med student who is also on a surgery elective and asked if he thought I had med-student-itis (wherein you think you have every disease you read about). He told me I should see a doctor and get on antibiotics right away. We brainstormed and web-searched the efficacy of me taking expired cephalexin (thank you India, 2008) and came to the conclusion that I should probably  acquire some fresh flucillin. I did manage to have a quick review by one of the docs and started my antibiotics last night. Glad I didn't wait any longer though, by the time I got home at 1800h I could hardly weight bear on it.

For several reasons it had been a bit of a challenging day but the cellulitis was the icing on the 32nd birthday cake. I was feeling right sorry for myself. I probably would have driven to the airport and bought a one-way ticket back to Canada if it hadn't been for a 'chin up' chat with my mother, surprise cake / pressies from my roommate, and Tobie getting me to sign on to his FB account to look at some ridiculously awkward and lewd pregnancy photos that one of his friends posted. The man really knows exactly how to cheer me up.

Contrary to appearances I do actually have bones in my left leg and foot.
Today it is feeling a little better. Unfortunately Wednesday is one of our theater days so I had to sit out knowing I could not possibly stand still for 5h. My reg told me I could do minor ops instead.

Now I just have to find a pair of shoes that I can fit my 'cankle' into.


Kate Theriault said...

Ouch! I'm glad you have solved the problem. I tend to wear Aerosoles, Eurosoft or Naturalizer. It takes me forever to find decent heels that I can walk in for 12 hours straight.

You should post one of you new fancy schmancy demi outfits.

Anonymous said...

Lewd pregnancy photos? I'm confused, and a little intrigued.

Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Cellulitis is no fun. I got very limited cellulitis of my toe from a bad pedicure while I was in medical school, and it felt like someone was ramming a hot poker through it. Glad you got some antibiotics that haven't expired!

Shrtstormtrooper said...

Are you allowed to wear the danskin medical clogs for not-demi-lady-doc days? Those things are seriously legit comfy.

OMDG said...

Jesus. Get some better shoes, ABB. Ones WITHOUT a heel. Like Danskos. Or Clarks. Or any of those "comfy" dress shoes that are so popular now.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

This is so awesome. Normally I have to pay by credit card to get onto But now I can come here for free!

Dr. G said...

That looks incredibly painful. Glad you got some drugs and are on your way to recovery. Ouch.

I agree with the previous posts - what about getting some Danskos? They're not cheap, but I attest to the fact that they're incredibly comfortable, dressy, and easy to put on/off.

Ami said...

Oh. My. God.
I had to go to a medical uniform supply store to find shoes. (I have arthritis in my feet and oh my, do they hurt)

But wow. Hope it's better and gone soon. Ouch. Wow.

Albinoblackbear said...

K8--Yeah I have no problem spending money on quality shoes for comfort at work. It is really hard to find those brands here though in BFN Ireland. :) At Christmas I'll probably stock up...

IANH--You know how people get the photos of the woman, half naked holding her pregnant belly, with husband in various stages of undress??

Anyway, one of Tobie's friends has (as his profile shot, I'll add) a photo with his tube top wearing wife staring down, while he is kneeling facing her crotch with his hands spread out like wings...several bad tattoos including angel wings and a Celtic armband. I just about pissed myself.

SD--UHHHHggg!!! Bad pedicure?! Noooo!

LPRN--I am going to try and find some, for sure.

OMDG--It was my Clarks flats that got me into this mess in the first place! hahah I am just going to have to cross the floor and get Danskos... :)

Grump--I aim to *please*. :P

Ami--If there was a medical supply store nearby believe me I'd be haunting it right now!

Gelfling said...

I hope you get better soon... but may I ask, what are "pressies"?

matt said...

The BEST brand of shoes is Naot! I'm disabled (walk w/ a cane), and have a ton of feet problems. They're pricey, but totally worth it. I get mine from

They have really cute styles that are appropriate for work. I wear them to work now instead of my Birks. I'm a teacher, and I'm on my feet all day. Oh, and I'm also pregnant, lol. They're great shoes. Check it out if you can.

matt said...

Oh...wanted to add. I am not a man. I posted under my husband's account.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

"Now that I'm a cripple I don't think about my feet."

Elizabeth Shouldice said...

Ok, Shish, you didn't photograph the SHOES! Please remedy that situation. I want to see the shoes!

Just an Intern said...

Oh, honey...yikes.
The title of your post is completely hilarious though and I love how you thought of taking some old antibiotics. We have all been there.
Way to mark the cellulitis line, btw.

Elina said...

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