Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Only in the Prairies

My patient, sitting there heavy with pregnancy is looking dismayed at the thought of having to be induced now that she is post-dates.

I ask her what is up.

She tells me her garden isn't done.

Then she asks me if she can come 30 mins later than the scheduled time so she'll be able to milk her cows.

Later in the same clinic I had another woman who had come in for a possible abscess. She informs me that her mother in law gave her some ointment they use on the animals when they get infections. She was using it all weekend.

Evidently it worked. 

I love my prenatal patients on the prairies. 

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Jme said...

This post sure gave me a chuckle, thanks for sharing. Did you happen to submit the abscess for culture & sensitivity? It would be interesting to know which bacterial pathogen was the cause, if it is also found in both the ointment and if it is a mastitis-causing pathogen of cows!