Monday, August 1, 2011

Into the Fray

So tonight is the eve of starting clinical placements and my 3rd year of medical school. Just found out I have the wrong shoes for theater (no sneaks or crocs, only clogs with a heel). So I'll be starting off with an inappropriate-footwear-bang!

I've gone through my entire wardrobe trying to find something that is summery-yet-appropriate-and-comfortable-yet-stylish. I do not own anything that fits all of those categories.

I am someone who is always to hot (which is why it is a good thing I came to Ireland over the Caribbean, tomorrow's high: 9 degrees Celsius. No joke). I don't want to be the medical student who looks like she's having a hot-flash tomorrow. Yet somehow the best outfit I could come up with were wool-blend pants and a wool-blend sweater. Nothing else seems right because I want to be as understated as possible tomorrow when I meet my team and Mr. Surgeon. Yes, in Ireland (and the UK, I think) the surgeons are Mr.'s not Dr's. Another odd quirk, like the hot and cold taps.

So, I am nervous and excited. My appetite has been gone for the past few days (which is probably a good thing after fat-camp all summer (a.k.a "studying for the USMLE").

On the upside, the blog fodder will hopefully improve as reading a blog about someone who does nothing but study isn't exactly gripping literature.

Fingers crossed things will go well tomorrow. I've been looking forward to being back in the hospital for so long--I just hope this part of the course will live up to my expectations. I remember so clearly when I was back in pre-req hell and typing up a physics lab, stumbling on Old MD Girl's blog while she was in her clinical rotations. I wished there was some way I could teleport myself to that place in medical school. And now I am here! In my wool suit. Look out world.


OMDG said...


Can you believe it? I'll bet you thought this day would never come. Good luck!

Albinoblackbear said...

Honestly there have been *many* days when I doubted that this day would ever come. :)

Anonymous said...

I still remember my first day of third year of med school. I was on psychiatry and had to take call at the local psych ED. I decided that psych was not for me when the floridly psychotic schizophrenic charged at me. Good times.

Congrats on getting to this point. It's a huge step forward and while you still have a hard road to travel, you'll love it.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Usually a nice dress is appropriate for going to the theater. And a hat if it's an opera.

Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Enjoy! I was terrified for the first six months of so of my clinical rotations, but it's nonetheless an exciting time.

Anonymous said...


(Though, personally, I find all accounts of studying fascinating. The way you described your highlighting technique had me on the edge of my seat).

Huderon said...

The Mr. Surgeon thing stems back to the time when doctors had degrees and barber-surgeons did apprenticeships.

When the system was reformed the surgeons needed to have a degree. However, the College of Surgeons wanted to separate themselves from the Royal College of Physicians and so called themselves Mr. Just like the barbers.