Saturday, March 15, 2014


A brief summary of things that have happened over the past few months, when I apparently stopped blogging on a regular basis.

Nov: Gen surg and ER rotation. Duncan's dear uncle in Scotland died and we had to make an emergency trip back to the UK for his funeral (which was why I was on an airplane catching a baby).

Dec: Ob/Gyn rotation. Christmas. Very little laundry or grocery shopping done. Very little sleep had.

Jan: More Ob/Gyn and then ICU. That was interesting. One of the attendings asked me if I had kids and when I said no replied with, "Ahhh, so you are alpha female on beta blockers". I mentioned this on FB which caused a very interesting little burst of outrage from my female physician friends. Incidentally I thought the comment was hilarious but then was embarrassed for NOT being offended.

Feb: More ICU then a 2 week elective in Major Trauma Centre in Alberta. My mind blown by the prospect that a) there is such thing as an interventional pulmonologist  b) they will come and do a thoracentesis on your patient in the ED if needed. Also, being in a centre that has an outpatient clinic for virtually every medical complaint known to man. Oh send them to the outpatient chest pain non cardiac clinic. Oh send them to the outpatient early pregnancy loss clinic. Oh send them to the depressed but not suicidal clinic. Oh send them to the outpatient intubation clinic. 

March: Elective in Ob/Gyn. Yep.

Now we're all caught up. Okay not really, not at all. Residency is rife with hilarious, heart warming, heart wrenching moments - many of which I would LOVE to write about. But there are a lot of things that are taking up my precious moments of free time (like watching Episodes, downloading Matt LeBlanc's ring tone and hoping that someone SOMEWHERE will recognize it). But also things like talking to my boyfriend, making soup, buying lottery tickets.

Plus, it's just been a tough year. I am questioning so many decisions on a regular basis and trying to decide which direction to go professionally. In Canada GP's can work in many different expanded scopes and I really want to pursue more training. Problem is I love bits about all the extended scopes and want to do it all (yet time marches on and the line of credit interest payments steadily rise up). So I spend a lot of time musing on GP-surgery? GP-Anesthesia? Extended obs skills? ER?


I would really like to get back into writing more and back to keeping a regular blog again. Not going to happen this month though as I have a licensing exam, an advanced airway course, and an ultrasound course looming. Oh and a dog who needs walking.

Maybe next month. 


Anne said...

Thank you for the update! As always, very interesting. Glad you have good alternatives to choose from.

peace said...

You will rock it all dear. Good luck and it is nice to have you back.