Saturday, December 4, 2010


Look into my dead, soulless eyes...I beg of you...
Is it just me or does Jimmy Wales look really creepy in this photo? I know the photo is meant to capture him looking all earnest, friendly, and engaging. To me he just looks like a guy who has an eye twitch and a penchant for eating raw kittens.

I would not give this man money (even if I had any). I would walk slowly backwards from him, never losing eye contact until I got far enough to turn and sprint in the opposite direction.

Sorry Jimmy, not this time. Not with that photo.


Cartoon Characters said...

I'll agree with that one...... said...

Bwahahaha. Yup. Especially the banner that's just a close up on his face.

Nature Nerd said...

It's so true! I have to close the banner as soon as it comes up. I don't like having Jimmy staring at me while I look up lichen facts.

Gregory Kohs said...

The eyes are only the beginning!

I wonder when the news media will figure out that the Wikimedia Foundation spends on program services only 41 cents of every dollar they scam from donors, which earns them ONE STAR (out of four!) from Charity Navigator in organizational efficiency. In fact, their KPMG audit discovered that it only takes about $2.5 million to keep the servers running, provide ample bandwidth, and staff a team of code developers to keep things running smoothly. Why, then, is the ask for $20 million? No wonder he looks nervous -- like someone is about to discover he's a con artist!

I also wonder why the news media never thought to cover the 2009 story of how the Wikimedia Foundation needed extra office space, and as if by magic, they hand-picked Jimmy Wales' for-profit corporation to be their landlord, THEN obtained competitive bids, THEN asked Wales' for-profit company to match the average of the competitive bids.

I too wonder why the media don't seem to care that the 2010 market research study of past Wikimedia Foundation donors was awarded to the former employer of the WMF staffer running the project, without any competitive bidding whatsoever. And when the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation was asked how much the project cost, the guy asking the question was banned from the online discussion.

Albinoblackbear said...

CC--hahah yeah, ew!


NN--I didn't realize you could CLOSE the BANNER!! *facepalm* my gut was right! Don't give dudes that look like creeps money. Thanks for the info!

I am sure with all the breaking news about Lindsay Lohan's probation and Dancing With the Stars' results, that kind of information will *never* hit the news media. So, thanks for putting it out there.