Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting (Jack) S*#t Done

Ah yes, the elusive ability to focus.

So now it is Friday and I can take stock of my week of MCAT studying.


Rearrange office, unpack boxes from move.
10k trail run. Feels like obese child is sitting on my chest the entire time. Guess I am not over the 'Black Lung' yet.


Go through files and throw stuff out. Get papers stacked on desk. Arrange pens. Rearrange pens. Surf internet. Upload photos of staggette.
Do practice MCAT. Did OK. Not good enough to get into a medical school score but good enough to keep me from stepping out in front of large logging trucks that roll by my window every hour or so.
Get annoyed by tree being cut down noise all day long.

10.7km trail run. Intermittent obese-child-sitting-on-chest-feeling and one coughing fit. Shaved 8 mins off yesterdays time.


Blog about aforementioned staggette.
Do laundry. Clean and organize gear room. Pack up ski gear (sniff!). Unpack climbing gear.
Clean spare room, and I mean clean. Even the windowsills get my attention. In the event anyone should ever come and visit they will have mackin' room awaiting.
Get annoyed with mowing noises from neighbors all day long.
Run to pick up car (6.7km), no obese child to be seen or felt.

Cry in bakery over breakfast burrito.
Review wrong answers from previous on-line exam.
Live in blogosphere for a while.
Drink lots of tea and stare wistfully out of window.
Go for 7km run after train crossing thwarted plans to trail run. Feels like I am running through 1 ft deep molasses.
Eat sushi. Read book.

Attempt another online exam. Hit QUIT by accident and lose over an hour worth of stupid stupid stupid physics questions.
Get annoyed by crying baby that seems to have appeared at other neighbors house.
Shut all windows and door.
Nearly faint from heat exhaustion in upstairs attic office.
Decide to purchase room A/C soon.
Say "eff it" and go for 11 km trail run.

In summary:

-the week was almost a complete failure with regard to studying
-also appear to be failing in other aspects of life, like personal relationships
-competent at housecleaning (hmmm....)
-have love/hate on for running right now.


Bostonian in NY said...

I think you may be the much more articulate, female, Canadian version of me...and probably a better tele skier, runner and climber than I am.

I have done absolutely NOTHING since my exam, not even run because of stupid mystery illness that is sapping my energy. Now stop reading this and go study!!!

Albinoblackbear said...

The only sport I am good at is leg wrestling and even that...well lets just say that I was recently defeated at a certain stagette by a woman who is a post-op on crutches.