Monday, June 23, 2008

A Clean Slate

I started my original blog, ohtanninbound, as a way to keep track of the places I was working as a northern outpost nurse. Too many communities and contracts were starting to blur and I was losing track of where I had been and where I was going. Also, I figured a blog was a good place to make notes of delicious wines that I was discovering (hence the blog name if you didn't catch it).

But it turns out that what I really want to write about is my experiences as a nurse and the current challenge of getting into medical school. Seems some folks even enjoy reading my health care related rambles! So I thought I'd create this shiny new blog that I could dedicate to the medical aspect of my life, and keep the boring personal life separate (well, boring to most, exciting to me). That way no one has to sift through pictures of me standing in my kitchen to read about some motorcycle accident in the central Arctic.

So today seemed like an appropriate day to begin as it is day 1 of MCAT preparations and med school applications. I have completed all the pre requisites and have returned to my home in the mountains to study for the summer. I write August 28th.

Clearly I've got some organizing to do before I start. Maybe tomorrow I'll move the desk in front of the window so I can stare wistfully out of it.

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