Saturday, April 6, 2013


When I moved to Ireland I made a conscious decision to try and see it as my home for these four years. I did not want to be counting down the days until each trip back to Canada. It wasn't an easy transition and for the first year I was homesick a lot of the time.

Tobie got me through most of those rough patches. We used to go on Canadian fantasy dates where we would describe scenes to each other of where we'd like to go on a Friday night. Keep in mind that at the time we were both living in dorms with no vehicle, plastic furniture, and a varying caliber roommates (from 'good' to 'reality show awful').

Then last year I moved to Kerry and was living in country bliss, working in a fantastic hospital, surrounded by hilarious staff, beautiful beaches, and boggy mountains. Oh, and I finally became capable of understanding the Kerry accent (have a listen below).

Once I moved back to the city to start 4th year in July, things picked up to break-neck speed and I must admit that much of the last 8 months has been an absolute blur. Wasn't I just writing the MCCEE a few weeks ago? Wasn't I catching babies and listening to manic patients tell me about their new business deals just yesterday?

Now I have less than a month left in Ireland, a job in Canada, and a man who wants to get a dog with me. Now I am anxious to get home. The two weeks in surgery and the week of exams ahead seem like a cruel gauntlet to run through, especially because I feel more like crawling through. It is so hard to stay motivated to study, and to keep smiling and nodding enthusiastically during another clinic where I only get to watch other people doctoring.

Roll. On. Residency.

So I am starting to shift now between Ireland and Canada. It's strange, and very nostalgia inducing. When a bottle of fish sauce runs out I don't replace it because I doubt I'll get through another bottle in 6 weeks. My pantry is starting to look very bachelor-esque and barren. I've started using all my hotel shampoo's and soaps because I loathe the thought of buying more that I won't finish (why don't hotels also provide tiny laundry soaps?!) Friends are randomly given clothing, books, music when they come over as part of a pre-purge offloading. I look at all my belongings with a more discerning eye...hmm will I bring my yoga mat home or leave it with 'Enable Ireland'?

I'll tell you one thing, the silicone oven mitts and wine aerator are coming home with me!!!  Oh Ireland, it's been fun but I gotta make a move.


Liana said...

I love this video. I had to watch it twice.

Good luck with the move! I'm also in winding down phase... trying to use up all the balsamic vinegar, pickles and fish sauce as well.

PGYx said...

Am thrilled to hear things are progressing nicely. Can't wait to see pictures of your dog! ;-)

Unknown said...

Switching from one place to another can be hectic. I have been shifted from places to places so I can empathize you very well.

I wish you luck for the shift.
Take care buddy!

Mark Duin
Motivational Speaker

doctorcalm said...

Right there with you in my impending move back to the Mountain Time Zone. But for me, the main question is, how big of a bag of rice should I get now? Surely I won't make it through 50 pounds in 2.5 months...

Enjoy these last few weeks as well as you can!

KarateSocks said...

I'm actually in Dublin now. Four of my friends and I are backpacking around Europe as a post- match/ pre-graduation trip. I'm having a lot of fun!