Saturday, July 24, 2010


I must say that I was really touched by the response to my last post. Touched and intrigued. Appreciative as well.

Oh and I laughed too, which is always enjoyable.

So, the lessons that I have learned based on the last comments section;

-babies (and triathlons) can be overrated, and I'll still be able to do those things later if I really want to

-the first month of an EM residency can involve brewing alcohol, hiking and running

-other people think it is normal to have blog-friends (people you may or may not ever meet)

-people with no formal training in English (ertwro) who live in Columbia can send beautifully written comments, relate to this crazy journey, and give such stellar analogies to blogging, "it's like being naked on a deserted beach, shouting, "look! I'm body painted!', it's kind of nakedness". Love it.

-this IS a community, not just in my own mind

-SYRACUSE! =) There is a person in Syracuse. And she *also* has a partner who may or may not appreciate the gory stories from work. Tobie is actually very good at putting up with my rambles but there is something to say about being able to vent without having to explain what one is

-that maybe I should not be so worried about how it is all received and just go with it

-people who I read/respect think I am worth reading--truly the ultimate compliment

-Grumpy's children may kill him later when they read his blog as adults

-other nurse-to-doctors-to-be are struggling with the same questions and frustrations I went through (and am going through)

-apparently my name comes up in conversation (and old acquaintances follow my blog)! (Does everyone  else assume that they are never interesting enough to come up in conversation?? hahahah)

-there are people in cyper space rooting for me--ok that is such a crazy and beautiful thing to wrap my head around...if there is anything to the power of prayer than *surely* there is something to the power of "rooting!" Sweet. Believe me, I appreciate it, and draw on that.

-people actually look forward to my next post!

I have to be honest, I have been mulling around many posts the last few days but was so enjoying the comments and emails that were rolling in that I didn't want to start stacking on top--just yet. Now my ego has gotten larger than it should, and I have probably done enough of a love-in, so I will resume regular ranting and whining.

And all this, just over two years from the inaugural post...what a strange long trip it's (already) been.


Cartoon Characters said...

Love your posts! :) I like the way you always respond. Some bloggers seem to only have a one way street. You are more personal. After seeing you do that...I always try on my blog...well...what's left of my blog now since i took it down.... :(

Grumpy, M.D. said...

It is a community. Personal knowledge of someone isn't a requisite to care about them.

Those of us who've made this journey support those who are in it. But it's not over for me, I'm just at a different stage.

We need good doctors like you to take care of us older ones someday!

OMDG said...

Yeah, I have to say your lack of posting this summer has been a bit of a downer for me. I do look forward to reading them! I also like how you try to respond to people's comments. I need to be better about that. It makes it feel like more of a community.

As for the "blogger friend" thing, an ex-bf of mine started reading my blog (eye roll -- I KNOW), and basically tried to tell me how lame I was for having blogger friends. He's a jerk. I really like the blogging community that has sprung up around the blogs I read.

hapsim22 said...


First time I've commented on a blog. I'm also a nurse in the second trimester of med school in the Caribbean. I read your blog and others because I find it comforting that other students are also going through the ups and downs of med school. Guyton and Hall seems to be a rightof passage for students taking physiology. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy you blog and I hope you keep it up :)

rhonda said...

I love the blogging community! I have some people in my life that tell me how totally lame it is to have "blog friends" and others who think it's totally awesome.

Albinoblackbear said...

CartoonC--Thanks! I appreciate that a lot. Shame you took your blog come?

Grump--It's true. I find it interesting that if I read troll comments or harsh criticisms of my blog-friends I get really upset on their behalf (prob more so than they do). I think "but they don't *know* him/her!". Funny thing is one could say the same about me!

OMDG--Wow! See that surprises me that people even notice (or care) when the posts slow down.
The responding part takes time but I know how much I enjoy having some back and forth dialogue about certain posts. It's still manageable right now and yes, it does feel more friendly.

I know a couple of my exes read this blog, but none have made lame comments about my addiction to the blogosphere or my blog community. They are intrigued if anything...

Michelle--Hahah, yes good old Guyton. Gah. I have such a love/hate relationship with that man (pay he rest in peace!) Thanks for stepping out of the shadows and good luck with the rest of your time in the Carib!
I am sure you are also enjoying the nursing background as I am in this crazy endeavor. :)

Rhonda--Bah! Screw the people who think it is lame, I really like hearing from folks and following their ups and downs as well. Maybe it is some dort of weird voyeur/exhibitionist free for all but I LIKE it!
And, I am continually stunned by the wide variety of folks that stop in on Asystole.