Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Current Digs

Starting to settle into my hospital provided housing. Been working like a dog (a happy dog but a dog nonetheless) for the past 13 days. Since my arrival I have been at the hospital every day, either leaving in the morning or showing up in the evening. Or both.

On my first morning I looked up from my tea and saw a bald eagle swooping out my window. Voila.

Can you spot the three bald eagles?

This place is certainly a step up from many hovels I've been assigned to in my adventures as a travelling nurse. Quirky, woody, borderline funky, and creaky. But a killer view and for two more days it's just me here (a rare treat in this game where cramming as many people as possible into staff housing is paramount).

Can't you just see John Travolta lounging in a white sequin onesie on that couch?

Something about this kitchen gives me the urge to prepare a jello salad. With tiny marshmallows.

Does anyone else think, "John Denver" when they see my bedroom?

Even on the ugly days, it sure is pretty. 

My picture perfect picture window. 


Rogue Medic said...

Considering the recent oil spill in the US, most people would try to avoid having a picture of anything that remotely resembles an oil tanker in their pictures. A Chinese spy assigned to the shipping industry would have had fewer pictures of that ship. ;-)

#1. Eagles posing in front of ship.

#2. Curtains pulled so that people will notice the chairs that match the fire place that matches the curtains hiding the ship.

#3. Ship posing with lovely curtains.

#4. Ship hiding behind curtains?

#5. Blinding light obscuring the ship outside John Denver's bedroom.

#6. Foggy ship.

#7. Waldo is center stage, taking a bow. Perhaps, with enough applause we can bring her back for an encore? Or should that be Walda?

Quirky, woody, borderline funky, and creaky.

Only borderline?

Does anyone else think, "John Denver" when they see my bedroom?

I had never before thought "John Denver" when I saw any bedroom - ever. I guess I can cross that off my bucket list.

Glenn Frey is in front, with Don Henley and Joe Walsh providing lamppost backup.

Unknown said...

If you are where I think you are it is a lovely town. You should post some photos of the bovine themed paint jobs down by the marina.

Nurse J said...

i could not spot three bald eagles.

'John Travolta lounging in a white sequin onesie'-?

got a great laugh out of that one. good post.

take me home, country road, to the place........i belong.......west virginia.......

Nature Nerd said...

sweet digs! I miss BC.

Fordo said...


I only saw one bald eagle.

Albinoblackbear said...

Rogue---This is strangely *not* the first time you've called me out for being a Chinese spy! Stop blowing my cover will ya? =)

Ross--Indeed a lovely town, bovine marina and all. Sadly many shops are for sale and/or going out of business with the inevitable closing of most of the fish and timber related industries.

Ninja--One is sitting on the telephone pole, and the other two are sitting on the pole in the background. If you enlarge you should be able to see them!

NN--Great isn't it!? Safe to say you've been seriously steeped in some amazing countrysides over there! (Plus you get to be home for good soon--which I am jealous of!) I so owe you an email--I am a BAD friend. :)

Fordo--The other two are really small, I didn't even realize they were there until I uploaded the photo.
It's amazing to see the different moods of the ocean everyday. God I missed Canada.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

that is spectacular.

Bostonian in NY said...

I look out my window and see a construction site, some stray cats and the run-down neighborhood in which I live...but I justify it by my phenomenal building, obscenely cheap rent and the huge park across the street.

Anonymous said...

Love the digs ABB. Somehow they seem like they might suit you - quirky, wood(s)y, borderline funky, and creaky :).

I'm glad you are having fun at work (isn't great to roll up those sleeves, dig in and be ABB, RN extraordinaire again?!)

I hope you get some time off to explore and enjoy your beautiful temp locale too.