Sunday, March 21, 2010

Med Ball

Last night was the medical societies annual charity ball.

I bought tickets weeks ago and as the date approached I wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into. I am not a glam girl by any means. 9/10 days I wear some lycra-inspired athletic outfit to school, and have my hair in a bun, no makeup. Ever. The thought of having to wear a dress and heels for a night suddenly seemed like a really bad idea.

Turns out, it was a rather entertaining night.

Since I am a poor student I didn't get my nails/hair/make-up professionally done, nor did I go out and spend a months worth of grocery money on a frock (unlike *many* of my classmates). Got a good friend of mine to do my make-up, pulled a dress I bought in Canada and haven't worn yet out of the depths of my closet, and shined up my purchased-in-2006 heels. Tobie already has a tux since he has to wear one for chamber music gigs.

Highlights included:

-me body checking my physiology professor and almost knocking the man down on a sprint to the dance floor to win a free spa package (I did apologise later but warned him for the future: never get between a woman and a free spa package)

-me doing a baby-Guinness shot with my anatomy professor

-watching a good friend have to bridge the awkward transitional dance to "I've Had the Time of My Life" with the Dean of Medicine after pulling him on the dancefloor with 8 bars left of "Footloose"

-getting to use a washroom that had sinks which contained only ONE tap (here in Ireland they are still obsessed with the "cold" tap and "hot" tap, thus making handwashing with warm water impossible)

-being complimented on my air bass solo during "You Can Call Me Al"

-attempting to teach my Irish friend the texas line dance and how you can incorporate it to "Thunderstruck"

-being the nicest dressed person in the hotel lobby as opposed to the worst dressed person in a hotel lobby (sweat pants are my preferred travel outfit)

-getting to see the Dean pull people on the dancefloor when the band first started to "Dancin' on the Ceiling", the man actually has some *sweet* dance moves

All in all, I was glad I went. It took some courage to leave the house in the racy dress (racy for me) but I was happy that I got over my insecurities and just went for it.  Photos maybe to follow...

Oh and the entertainment actually carried on this morning as I got to witness many 'walks of shame' leaving our building which is prob 80% medical student tenants.

Dark sunglasses+oversided scrub pants+mens hoodie+heels in your hand=walk of shame.

Heh. Finally a perk to having a ground floor bedroom window that looks out onto the entrance of our building.


Abilene Rob said...

Line dancing to Thunderstruck? I can see that working really well.

I can't decide whether I should be horrified or delighted by that.

Albinoblackbear said...

Go with delighted. :)

It's the same beat and 4/4 time as 'Cadillac Ranch'...why fight the urge to line dance?

The other option is fist pumping and air guitar which isn't exactly *cooler* if you really think about it! hahaah

Beach Bum said...

So...have you become the old lady with her nose permanently out the window, who always knows who's sleeping with whom? Sounds like a good time!

Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds interesting. Especially the faculty bits, I couldn't imagine our Dean or most of our Profs getting down Kenny Loggins-style in a million (gagillion) years. Seeing that would probably be worth strapping on the heels...

Ohhh and the dreaded Walk of Shame - another good reason to give up dating and start accumulating pets!

Keet said...

Ahem... as a person who may or may not have witnessed/participated in a walk of shame or two with and/or near you, I think its sweet revenge that you have a ground floor entrance window... and also that you "taught" or were "teaching" line dancing, of all things.
Can't wait for next visit. I'm thinking May.

OMDG said...

Sounds like it was really fun. Made me wish I hadn't missed mine (4x). Too bad Luca doesn't dance....

Albinoblackbear said...

BB--Hah! Yeah, it is sort of the running joke...I am the chainsmoking old lady who writes down license plate numbers and yells at the teenagers. ;)

Ninja--it is actually one of the really cool things about studying here. Profs are serious about academics and serious about whooping it up.

There is a different mentality than in post-secondary schools I've attended in the past. Many people in my program have had dinner parties or drinks with faculty. There is not an "us and them" vibe at all. Many of the profs stayed at the Ball until well into the night--and one even went to the after party!!

Our anatomy prof even joked today in class about how we wasn't fully recovered from the weekend festivities.

Keet--Silence wretch! Hahahahah.

I am a mean line dancer (hello Ezzies?!?) and the Irish were INTO it...I mean come on...isn't Irish dancing just tarted up line dancing??

OMDG--It was fun but mostly because I like people watching and it was a riot seeing the faculty cuttin' a rug and totally partying with the students. Tobes doesn't dance either though to his credit he indulged me a few songs (complete with hilarious dance moves).

Fordo said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous time! I'd love to see the pics.

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