Thursday, July 18, 2013

What apps?

Hello world.

I am keen for some suggestions on apps that people find indispensable. Recall that I am doing rural medicine which means I need all specialties, all drugs, and all procedures, at all times. 

I was hoping that PEPID would answer this call since it has the ambulatory medicine suite and the EM suite - it's ok. But the interface looks like something from the 80's and it keeps crashing on my iphone. Boo.

I am mostly using Medscape and Pedi-STAT (and PEPID when it works and while I am still enjoying a free trial).  

Also, actual books that people found useful in residency would be welcomed. Currently I only bring my "Bugs and Drugs" with me. I'm just that hardcore.

Annnnnnnnnd GO!


Anonymous said...

Drugs - micromedex (free)
For formulas - medcalc or Qx Calculate
Differentials - Diagnosaurus
General Knowledge - Medscape
Journals - Read, Journal Club
Medical Images - Figure 1
CCS Apps - Drive + Fly (useful for remembering indications for removing a license)
Hematology - ORBCon

James said...

My most used apps, in order of usage
WikEM -
PalmEM (great for crashing kids)
OneNote - For all my own notes and data that I want at my fingertips
Ankidroid - For reviewing for boards when I have a down minute

Absentbabinski said...

Medscape - The bible
Almost a Doctor (probably not an issue for you now!) - Useful bluffers guide for a whole bunch of stuff
BMJ best practice - requires a subscription, but hands down the best resource for evidence-based medicine
Lab values - Fairly self explanatory
BNF + Children's BNF - medicines
Google Keep - All round short note taking

If you're a Mac user/ iOS I'd recommend Papers for, well, managing scientific paper libraries.

Absentbabinski said...

Oh and the Oxford Clinical Handbook of Medicine (or "the cheese and onion" because of its distinctive colour scheme) is available as an android/ iOS app. It saves lives/ asses on a regular basis.

Elizabeth Shouldice said...

Drugs: epocrates

That's all.
I'm serious.
I don't use any medicine apps everyday anymore.

Oh wait...not true

I have:
An eye chart (use a lot)
A preg wheel (use a lot)
An acid/base calculator (use rarely)
1 min U/S (sort of cool)
TIMI risk calculator (use never)

Just Me said...

I don't know whether it's an app, but is great! Rxlist also great for drugs. Epocrates also has been a favorite. I've had friends love uptodate, but it's expensive, but the hospital may have a subscription

Unknown said...

I use Clinical Medicine Consult using isilo reader. Every specialty updated 3-4 times per year.