Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh the Puns, I Don't Even Have to Tri...

Couldn't help myself. Sorry! It is just too easy.

Yes, I am going to attempt my first sprint triathlon this June. I am going to do a novice race here in May and then the 'real-deal' this June back in Canada.

I know this is no great feat for many people (like OMDG who did like a hundred in the past) but for me it is HUGE. Not for the reasons you are probably thinking, either. No, it'll be tough mostly because I have a near phobic fear of being in a bathing suit in public, and a deep hatred for chlorinated pools, changerooms, swim caps, and goggles.

Oh, and I. Hate. Swimming. 

Much of my recent posts have been to do with how little time I feel I have, how stressed I am about school / USMLE, and how I have no time for hobbies, so it might seems a little ridiculous to take on training for a triathlon. Well, it probably is ridiculous, but I figure it'll FORCE me to squeeze in daily exercise and it'll give me a little training mojo. I have been in a major slump in that regard lately, and thanks to tendinitis in my wrists, the yoga has been on hold. This is forcing my rump out of bed for spinning and my pegs onto the trails for running. And come tomorrow morning...into the pool for swimming.

[Cue blood curdling scream].

The one advantage in that respect is that I have a national team swimmer in my class and she's offered to show me some tricks in the pool. In return I have offered her hyponotherapy for the PTSD which may ensue once she sees me in my swimming zoot-suit. Oh, the humanity.

Wish me luck.


OMDG said...


Swimming is awesome (or at least not so bad) once you get the hang of it. When you do the triathlon, you don't have to wear a swim suit. There are these (expensive) tri-suits that offer a lot more coverage, zip pockets, and crotch padding (for the bike phase). Totally worth the expense. My very first tri I did in my bathing suit, and at the end of the run, some revolting 40+ year old man who had been running behind me came up to me and thanked me for "providing him motivation" to complete the race. Ew.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

I decided, apropos of almost nothing, to do a 30 km race last year while in medical school. There's nothing like the sense of competition to motivate you to run. Plus, running makes all your stress melt away (or, at least directs it towards your knees)

Grumpy, M.D. said...

It beats bullfighting.

PGYx said...

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to live vicariously through you! On the note of goals, will send you that boards prep email I promised tonight! I came into an unexpected amount (27 hrs!) of passed-out-cold sleep in the past couple of days since my last rotation ended so all non-work life has been on hold 'til now.

Albinoblackbear said...

OMDG--Can you send me one of your old tri-suits?? hahah :) I definitely get the need for having one though doubt I can justify one in the budget.

And gross re: old man. Though I doubt I would encourage anyone in a race by watching me run in a bathing suit [shudder] unless it was to encourage them to pass me as fast as possible while screaming "my eyes!!!"

IANH--Thanks! Yes, agreed on both accounts. I figured the knees would appreciate it if I switched it up a little in terms of the sports. So far, I haven't gotten any letters of thanks though...


PGYx--Well m'dear I feel the same (that I am living vicariously through you in Internville).

Thank *you* thank you thank you. I have to write you a proper response to your most EXCELLENT and helpful email, but in the meantime: thank you!!!!!

James said...

Pics or STFU! haha

Good luck with it. I envy your motivation.

OMDG said...

ABB -- Oh please you are plenty hot. Plus, that was me 10 years ago. Get Tobie to buy you a swimsuit. Tell him you want to make sure your ass remains for his eyes only.


Albinoblackbear said...

STFU--Wait--pics of me in a speedo on my blog?! hahahah Oh yeah, that WILL BE THE DAY!!!

Ah, sigh. That was a good one.

Thanks for the luck though. That will definitely be needed (just to exit the changeroom). =)

OMDG--I like your tactic. Play on possibility of dudes checking me out to get a present! Hahah...he's prob more worried I'll have the wandering eyes! :P

Albinoblackbear said...

I mean, c'mon...we're talking about male swimmers here! Ahem!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, thinly veiled threats: the foundation of a good relationship :P