Saturday, December 24, 2016


Just can't get excited about Christmas this year. All the family is scattered to Hawaii, Australia, and Vancouver Island. I'm on call for the next 10 days here on the frozen prairies.

Shift from hell yesterday. It was like the 12 Days of Christmas Emergencies....12 colds and coughs, 11 migraines ringing....5 abdominal painnnnnnnns, 4 chest pains,  3 hurty ankles,  2 broken legs and a post arrest resuscitationnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

We have a tree, yes. I didn't go too crazy on presents this year, mostly donated money to UNICEF, CBM, The White Helmets and World Vision. I don't know how much those donations actually help or get to the people in need, but I have to tell myself at least a fraction of a donation is better than no donation at all.

Last year Audree (other ESS resident) and I had a big Christmas Eve dinner for all the orphan docs also stuck working over the holidays. It was a blast. Any dinner party that involves two-stepping in the kitchen with one of your attending's kids while others are attempting the final lift from Dirty Dancing in the living room, is a success in my opinion.

I just can't get excited about being here, stressed about being on call, and having no friends or family around for any celebrations. And because I'm on call I can't even drink at this little pity party I'm having for myself !!!

Merry Christmas to all y'all, enjoy a heavily spiked eggnog on my behalf. xx


Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Sorry Christmas isn't looking all that promising for you. Having been on call over many Christmases, I can relate! I am supposed to have four days off this year, but I have spent a good portion of the first two days dealing with outpatient crises, so I'm feeling a bit resentful towards the people who are relaxing at home without a care in the world.

Hope you have some good moments amidst all the stress!

Anonymous said...

I hope Christmas ended up being better than anticipated for you!

I enjoyed a drink or two on your behalf ;)

Albinoblackbear said...

@SD - Thank you, I did have some good moments! Just not a lot of actual relaxation as I was either at the hospital or anticipating a call from the hospital. :)

@Slukettg - Haha, glad you did! I have to admit it was a grueling couple of weeks as many of the docs were out of town and a skeleton crew (pun intended??) was left to manage all the obstetrics, ER, and inpatient care. Gee, its a wonder why rural docs have such high rates of burnout!!

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