Thursday, March 14, 2013

6 Minutes

So in case you didn't know, it is World Kidney Day today! I was at our local shopping mall with a gang of retired nurses, fellow medical students, renal nurses, and the renal pharmacist, giving out information and checking blood pressures and blood sugars.

We were MAD busy all day with a steady queue of feisty Irish grannies (mostly) and the odd Irishman who had been dragged there by his wife. It was actually a really fun day but the highlight for me was when a woman standing there with a pram said as I went by, "Hey! I know you!" I looked at her and scanned my mental files for her face. "Er....." She said, "you were there in the maternity hospital when I had my son! Remember me?"

I felt terrible because I couldn't place her (and I am usually great with faces). She said, "Remember? Six minutes??" Then I remembered. YES! I had even written about her on the blog! She was the one that had gone shooting by in the wheelchair panting while the midwife yelled at her not to push yet.

Of course I remembered her. I told her if I'd seen a side profile with her hair blowing behind her I would have recognized her right away. We had a nice visit and I had a chance to see her gorgeous blue eyed chubby boy, grinning away at us. So delightful.

I love my job!

Have you hugged your kidneys yet today?

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Grumpy, M.D. said...

"Oh, Blimy! I thought it meant ye were givin' away free kidney pies today!"