Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well Put....

After examining the tummy of a very pregnant lady we were ushered out into the hall to be pimped by our Registrar. He asked my friend what his findings were and to describe the fetal position.

Friend: Well....When I was feeling her abdomen I couldn't really tell if I was feeling the head at the top or if I was feeling the back and feet. the fundus I palpated either the head or the feet.

[You really can't fault that logic.]

[This was just before I got the fetal lie completely wrong.]

[Figuring out fetal lie, position, and presentation is harder than it looks.]

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Just Me said...

HAHAHA - Its amazing how quickly you'll get it, but some still stump you. That's what ultrasounds are for. Have fun with the Mummys.