Friday, May 18, 2012


Cottage Love
I have been commanded by my friend Ryan to update the blog (so he can get Guns and Roses out of his head). I figure I need to make the few people that still check in on me happy, so here's a quick post!

I am in the final stretch of 3rd year. I spent the last 4 days holed up in a classmate's cottage, attempting to cut myself off from the world and bury myself in the books. Amazing how much more productive I am when the only internet I have access to is an intermittent flickering of 3G on my burner when the planets align.

I had planned to go just for the night but the fireplace and views were too lovely to tear myself away from. So I burned home, picked up the rest of my books (oh, Toronto Notes, you monkey on my some tinned mackerel, instant coffee, and returned.

A week from today final exams will all be behind me. And two weeks from today I'll be on a plane back to Canada. I am mentally composing my ode to the Irish countryside already. Some questions that will remain...Year three, where did you go?? Did I squeeze every last drop out of my year on the wild west coast?


Justin said...

Oh yeah, definitely can't forget that tinned mackerel... :) Hope the studying goes/went well!

PGYx said...

Pulling for you here on the east coast of the U.S. and enjoying a cup of Trader Joe's instant coffee in solidarity with you!